Broken Dishes

I love this company. Not simply because of their deep friendship, but because of their dedication and determination towards providing beautiful additions to the home and person. Below are a few photo illustrations depicting their recognized vision of space in home and in community.  

''Broken Dishes is a design studio and gallery in Los Angeles offering curated collections of folk design, including couture quilts and hand knotted rugs.

The namesake originates from the American quilt pattern and the tradition of kintsugi pottery, which takes broken pieces of pottery and binds them together with gold.

Considering space and art as a process, we celebrate sustainable and imperfect expressions of humanity—and the beauty wherein.'' 

you can check them out at

Model : Christina Gonzalez Ho

Artist Highlight
Director Nathan William

Nathan William is a director living in Columbus, Ohio. 

Both his personal and client work portray the grand, surreal world of special effects so accustomed to his name, and yet satisfies first and foremost the story found in front of him. 

An interview on the origins of his creative work and the journey of faith that brought him there to come soon. 

instagram: @dir.nathanwilliam

I’m ridiculously passionate about people seeing the fullness of what they are capable of when what they are doing is what they love.